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Running to be your voice in Hartford

The residents and business owners of Monroe, Seymour, Shelton and Stratford who comprise Connecticut’s 21st Senatorial District enjoy some of the most pristine coastline and natural beauty in the state. I know because I’ve hiked, biked or kayaked through much of it. It’s one of the reasons why I’ve resided in this area for over 20 years. Along the way, I’ve encountered a diversity of people and communities who call the region home—decent people who are trying to make ends meet. They include working families, single parents struggling to get by (like I once was), seniors on fixed incomes, and young people just starting out. All are facing very personal economic issues that are challenging, but solvable.

The solutions just require new thinking and some hard work.

I chose to run for state Senate because our future—yours, mine, and our children’s—is too important to not get involved. My hope is that with your vote and support, I’ll be able to stand up for you and serve as your voice in Hartford.

While some have bought into the pessimistic argument that there are just too many problems here to stay, I believe that Connecticut is still a great state to live, work and play in. Yes, there is much work to do to get a hold on taxes, grow job and economic development, and ensure that seniors and those dependent on healthcare are not bankrupted by rising costs. That’s why I’m running. Now more than ever before we need leaders to truly represent you and get our State moving in the right direction.

Experience, Accountability, and Leadership… No Partisanship
I chose to run for state Senate to work collaboratively across party lines to tackle Connecticut’s economic challenges head. They’re simply too big for one party to tackle alone. And, as a CPA of 30 years, ‘balancing the books’ for large organizations is my specialty. I plan to use my skills to ensure that we pass sensible budgets that promote real economic growth, but not on the backs of working families, unions, and seniors.

Jobs, and Economic Development
Connecticut needs an economic strategy that generates a long term recovery while building an economy that provides good paying jobs and more opportunity for young workers entering the workforce. As your voice in Hartford I will make it my mission to relieve the state financial burden on middle and working class families by eliminating wasteful spending and asking the right questions as to where your hard earned tax dollars go.

I will fight and advocate for our seniors
Senior citizens must be able to afford to stay in Connecticut, and not starve to do so. That begins with making more affordable the price of healthcare and prescription medication. Additionally, I plan to seek greater tax relief so that our elders are not priced out of the towns and cities they call home.

No Job Training Required on Women’s Rights
As a former single mom of three daughters, who are now grown women, I have a pretty good sense of what women need today to succeed. I intend to draft legislation that truly protects women in the workforce, strengthens pay equity to make a real impact, and get women the access to the health care they need. There is no reason why women today should be denied equal pay for equal work, access to a good education, and the same opportunities their male counterparts enjoy.

Your Child’s Education is My Top Priority
The state and our local boards of education can be doing much better preparing our children for the future. As your state Senator I plan to move legislation forward that properly funds education for students entering college and vocational careers. To do this I intend to mandate that education revenue goes to the classrooms, while eliminating wasteful bureaucratic spending. As the mother of an elementary school teacher I want to see her and every other teacher succeed so it’s vital that classroom teachers are given the right tools necessary to do their jobs.


A Working Mom, Compassionate Advocate, and Seasoned Accountant, Monica is Experienced Finding Solutions to Problems Big and Small

As a former single mother who raised three daughters on her own, Monica Tujak Brill is accustomed to excelling in the face of adversity and challenge. Like most parents, her kids matter more to her than anything else and she did whatever she needed to ensure her daughters each had a good education in order to tackle the future head on. Her oldest, Bella, graduated UCONN with a master’s degree and is an elementary school teacher; Lizi is an engineering student at UCONN; and youngest, Franki, attends University of New Haven as an accounting major.

Monica has done the same in business: straight out of college she managed large accounts like the Guggenheim Museum for the international accounting firm Coopers & Lybrand (now PWC) and was hired at age 23 as Controller at the world famous museum, The Frick Collection.

In Connecticut, Monica’s passion to help people in need brought her to the nonprofit industry to make a positive difference. She has served as Senior Finance Director at Catholic Charities of Fairfield County, and is currently Controller at New Opportunities, Inc., an agency that provides an array of social service programs to the low income population in 27 municipalities including Waterbury.

Along the way she’s witnessed firsthand the difficulties our residents face: seniors who worry about higher insurance costs, and whether they can afford to stay in Connecticut; families concerned about their children’s education and better funding for local schools; and young people wondering whether the state is a good choice to put down long term roots and find a good job.

That’s why Monica is running for State Senate—to find good long-term practical solutions for the many issues our neighbors and the State confront every day.

A tested CPA of 30 years who has assisted organizations move toward sounder financial footing, Monica has performed complex audits, balanced budgets, and found real results by asking the right questions to make sure every penny is spent properly. Her experience, compassion, and business know-how, have prepared her to be the leader we need in Hartford.

Monica is a graduate of Queens College and resides in Stratford with her husband Adam and their rescue dogs Maggie and Presley.


National Organization of Women
Uniformed Professional Fire Fighters Association of Connecticut
Communications Workers of America
International Union of Operating Engineers Local 478
Connecticut Police and Fire Union
Planned Parenthood
Moms Demand Action
IBEW Local 488

U.S. Senator Chris Murphy (Connecticut)
“I’m proud to endorse Monica Tujak Brill for State Senate. Monica has a great track record of managing the finances of large organizations. At a time when politics has gotten so divisive, Monica is the right candidate who can best represent everyone in the 21st District. I hope you join me on November 6 in supporting Monica.”

U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro (CT-3rd Congressional District)
"As Connecticut moves forward, I know that Monica Tujak Brill will be an instrumental part of the solution in its fiscal stability and long term recovery. A highly experienced CPA of 30 years, Monica has worked with large and small organizations including world famous The Frick Collection, Catholic Charities of Fairfield County, and New Opportunities, Inc., helping each administer the many services they provide and keeping expenses low. Monica is also a passionate advocate for single Moms, their children, and seniors. She’s been hailed as a News 12 “Hometown Hero” for spearheading the design and implementation of the children’s wing mural at Bridgeport Hospital. Monica also served over a decade as a home visit volunteer with Fairfield County Jewish Family Services, and as an active parent member of the Trumbull High School Golden Eagles Marching Band where her three daughters each participated on the Color Guard Team. Monica is committed to ensuring that her constituents have the means to stay and thrive in Connecticut and that is why she is running for office. I am proud to endorse her and hope you will cast your vote for Monica Tujak Brill for State Senate, District 21, on Nov. 6."

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